Watch full Baal Veer episode no 941 – 18 March 2016


Full episode of Baal Veer – 18 March 2016

Baal Veer episode starts with Baal Veer thinks why my powers doesn’t work, it means surely Tauba Tauba did very strong magic on me. He says to kids that he is not Bhaggi cache you run from away. They all try to hide and Tauba Tauba rund behind Ballu. He says, why he runs behind him, if he will catch kids, Baal Veer will automatically come in front of him. He catch to Manav and escape him in a glass. After this, he catches Meher and put her in a bowl. He says to Baal Veer that if he not come out in front of him, he will killed the kids. Baal Veer come out and Tauba Tauba raise him in his hands. Baal Veer says, I am your enemy so now you leave the kids. He through him at the table.

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