Watch full Baal Veer episode no 917 – 16 February 2016


Full episode of Baal Veer episode no 917 – 16 February 2016

The Baal Veer episode starts with the cross beam of the mountains come start on the floor. Baal Pari says to Baal Veer that it is the last plan to save the Pari Lok. She asks the time to Rani Pari. Rani Pari says, we have very less time to save the Pari Lok, after some time the cross beam come near to us. Baal Veer raises the column and try to put up in the hole.

In the Vinash Lok, Agnikal says, we have some time, you remove the cover and I will destroy the Pari Lok. Shaatir Pari says, you know what are you saying, if we remove the cover, fairies’s power will come again to fairies. Mahavinashini says, but the magic of fairies doesn’t work on the Agnikal. She removes the cover. Fairies feel happy when they get the power again. Suddenly, Agnikal come there and the all fairies shocked to see this.

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