Read ‘Ganga Maiya’ song review, watch video here!

‘Ganga Maiya’ song from ‘Direct Ishq’ out!

Right away, after various tunes from the film, another new song ‘Ganga Maiya’ has been made out as of right now. Here we are appearing to you with the new tune of the film ‘Direct Ishq‘. By ‘Ganga Maiya’ song review by us, the tune seems, by all accounts, to be a so dull.

As the film ‘Direct Ishq’ is totally a supposition and sensation masala movie. In like manner, there should be such an expansive number of fun parts neighboring nostalgic masala in the movie. From this new tune of the film ‘Direct Ishq’, ‘Direct Ishq’ Box office collection are not looking to be so good. The new tune of the movie ‘Direct Ishq’ has been made open now which is things being what they are a staggeringly perfect.

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