Abhishek Bachchan urges fans to ‘Enjoy the Kabaddi’ at the start of Pro Kabaddi League, 2016

Actor Abhishek Bachchan has been passionate about the Pro-Kabaddi League since its inception and always makes it a point to attend all Jaipur Pink Panther matches.He is often seen donning the team jersey rooting for his players during the games. Abhishek’s commitment to the game in the past few years has inspired all of us to pay attention to a sport like Kabaddi that was in the dark sometime back.

He is one of the few people who has helped in giving a push to Kabaddi on the international front, bringing the game to the limelight. Recently, he was seen cheering for the Jaipur Pink Panthers who won their first game at Pro-Kabaddi League 2016, 27-18, against last year’s champions U-Mumba.

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