FASHION SPOTLIGHT! Shagun Gupta hosted an evening high on fashion ‘Storm in a tea cup’ Showcasing her label


It rained fashion at “Storm in a tea cup” hosted by the multi talented Shagun Gupta. It turned out to be an evening of glitterati when Shagun Gupta set the colors wheels in motion putting in display some of her magnificent collection. Madhuri Sharma- Mrs. Earth International opened the show in a scintillating design by Shagun Gupta. She looked nothing less than a diva in Shagun Gupta’s design. Television heart throb Akshay Sethi closed the show and wowed the audience with his charm. Shagun Gupta’s outfits were complemented by Ghanasingh Jewels & Gems Pvt. Ltd. for Deeds Turning Disabilities Into Abilities- NGO. Designer Shagun Gupta displayed a gorgeous synergy of Indian traditions, cultures, rituals and colour spectrum for the fusion line.

Read Full Fashion News at Bollyvision


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